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About Us

About Kent’s leading fibreglass moulding company

L J Marine is owned and run by Phil Bennett and Nicky Grove, a fibreglass moulding company based in Hoo, near Rochester in Kent, commonly known as Fibreglass Phil.

Phil first started working with GRP fibreglass mouldings in 1990, when he bought the moulds for Concorde power boats. He then rented a small farm unit in which to store the moulds and also have the facility to produce mouldings.

Very quickly, the business grew and Phil, together with a small workforce of other moulders, moved into larger commercial premises and expanded the client base.

At Fibreglass Phil, we now manufacture a various and wide range of mouldings including motorsport aerodynamic kits, shop front advertising products and commercial/industrial parts as well as parts for private and individual race teams.

Fibreglass moulding for a car
As well as parts for private racing teams, in 2012, we realised that we were more commonly known as Fibreglass Phil which has only helped our brand awareness.
Fibreglass for racing cars
Fibreglass moulded cat

As a bespoke fibreglass business, we now produce specialised mouldings for race car parts, construction mouldings, film and stage props.

We aim to provide a truly bespoke GRP fibreglass mouldings service for all our customers to suit their individual requirements. No glass fibre project is really too small or large, we can accommodate any requirement you require!

Contact us today to discuss your fibreglass moulding requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.